Mobile Mechanic Perth

Mobile Mechanics Perth: 7 Ways To Avoid Being Ripped Off

How To Save Time And Money Hiring A Perth Mobile Mechanic

Searching for mobile mechanics in Perth is no easy task unless you’ve been referred directly from someone you know.

Many people can recommend a mechanic but how many can recommend a good mobile mechanic?

Finding a reliable mechanic in any form can seem like a challenging task but we’re here to make it easy by revealing the 7 ways to avoid being ripped off by a mobile mechanic.

Whether you’re looking for car servicing in Perth, ECU remapping or just general car repairs, these tips can help you save time and money.

Tips To Finding A Reliable Mobile Mechanic

Here are the seven steps to take before you book your next car service to ensure you not only find the right mobile mechanic in Perth, but that you avoid the many potential issues that can arise for those who don’t do their homework…

Who’s The Owner?

Having the owner of the business as one of the mobile mechanics is the first step to ensuring you book the right mobile mechanic.

If the owner is still ‘on the tools’ this should give you more satisfaction in knowing that the owner puts their name on the line, but also that their finger is on-the-pulse of their own business.

With franchise mobile mechanics, you’re just getting an employee who could be there this week and gone the next.

Longevity In Business

Knowing how long the mobile mechanic has been in business is another tick on your checklist to finding a reliable mobile mechanic in Perth.

If someone just opened up shop last week, you open yourself up to potential problems because you don’t necessarily know their background.

If they’ve been around for at least 3-5 years, it gives you some assurance that they must be doing the right thing by their customers, otherwise, they’d never get the all-important referral business from their customers.

Check their website and read their About Us page to find out their background story and how long they’ve been in business.

Quality and Quantity of Customer Testimonials

The next step to finding a reliable mobile mechanic in Perth is to check their website for testimonials from previous customers.

Sure, these can be easily ‘made up’, but if they we’re you’d be able to spot obvious patterns in the writing along with other clues.

And obviously, the more testimonials they have the better.

Read through their testimonials in detail, and if in doubt, you can always ask the business owner if they can provide the name and numbers of a few of their customers so that you can call them to discuss their experiences with the mobile mechanic in question.

The Right Equipment

A reliable and experienced mobile mechanic has the right tools to do the job.

And it’s perhaps even more relevant given the technology that modern cars have such as an ECU or central computer system of the car.

If the ECU is malfunctioning, it can cause everything from minor issues to major issues such as a breakdown.

ECU remapping therefore is a common service offered by all good mobile mechanics.

In addition to this, a mobile mechanic has to equip themselves smarter than a local mechanic with a garage as they have to fit all their tools in their van or truck to be mobile!

Warranty On Parts

If you’re hiring a mobile mechanic and having parts replaced as a part of a regular car service, or for minor or major repairs, having a warranty on the new parts gives you not only peace of mind but also saves you money.

Without a warranty on any parts replaced during your car service or repair, you could be up for the same expense again in a few months.

Make sure you keep your receipt provided by the mechanic as proof of the part being replaced on a certain date.

This will give you peace of mind as well as saving you money and frustration should the part break during the warranty period.


And last but not least, reliability is perhaps the most important element in finding the right mobile mechanic in Perth to look after your pride and joy.

Firstly, having the mobile mechanic arrive when they say they will is for many people a make or break when it comes to finding a mobile mechanic.

Many mobile mechanics now offer some type of tracking service via an App so you can see how far the mechanic is away from your home, workplace or location of your car.

Finding Your Mobile Mechanic

Finding a mobile mechanic in Perth can be a challenge but if you take the time to do a bit of groundwork first, you can save yourself valuable time, but you can also avoid being ripped off, frustrated and annoyed.

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